Thursday, June 4, 2020

Essay Writing Advice - Writing a College Essay

Essay Writing Advice - Writing a College EssayAs a college student, I was given two essays to write, one for freshman composition and one for sophomore composition. There were a lot of differences between the two, but here are some things I learned in high school that I would like to pass on to my college students. These ideas have helped me make my college essays more interesting and challenging.The first thing I learned is that writing an essay on college can be really challenging. In high school, most of the time I wrote personal essays on a topic. It wasn't until later in college that I started to become more serious about my essays and went back to the basics.The first part of the essay is very important. You should really think about what you want to say, and what you think your audience is going to take away from your essay. Focus on this point when you first start out with your essay, as it will help guide you through the rest of your writing.Another important aspect of writi ng an essay is how to organize your thoughts. What topics should you start on? What parts should you include and what should you leave out?If you have a lot of preparation to do for a college essay, make sure you get the most out of it. Read a book or study some tips online. The more prep work you do, the better prepared you'll be.In your essay, don't forget to give examples. Have some way of drawing a parallel between your experiences and those of your readers.Students who want to write good essays need to bring their real life experience into their writings. Students who are not used to doing this can find that they forget what made them strong and vulnerable in their lives. By writing from their own experience, they learn how to communicate in a way that helps them to make connections in their essays.

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